Friday, August 20, 2010

Rant about Schedules

So I have to rant here about UNM, for just a moment, So far I have had 2 semesters in a row (last spring and this summer) where I have registered for a class, with a TBD teacher. We found out the monday of the first week of class over spring, and found out a week early (I believe) that our summer class had changed times. If all I was doing was going to school, this probably wouldn't be a big deal, but like many others in the Engineering Program we have jobs, and finding out the day of a class that the time has changed (to earlier or later). is a HUGE hassle for people.

I just wish UNM seemed to understand it, I went to CNM for 3 years roughly, and don't recall this happening EVER, and I don't understand how a University can't plan classes that are reoccuring for a DEGREE program on a consistant basis. it just doesn't make sense....sorry for the rant but I had to put it out there.

This is my "theoretical" schedule, but if they change the two classes I have at the end of my tuesday and thursday, and monday wednesday courses I'll be hosed....standby we'll see what happens monday.

UPDATE: Well class has begun, and I'm honestly surprised. The classes times have not changed, I'm a little disappointed that the money being paid for a class to be taught by a instructor is being taught by a PHD student, BUT he seem like a good guy, so hopefully I'll get an opportunity to learn a bit off him.

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  1. they'll change it and i won't be able to take it. count on it. bastards