Friday, August 27, 2010

Car, Mp3 Player integration

Anyone reading this that knows me knows I take forever to finish a project, in fact I have many projects that are in the slow (I mean glacier slow) process of being worked on.

I finally pushed myself to finish my mp3 player integration with my car, I had started this project probably 2 years ago easily. I, for the longest time, had wires hanging out from my console with a plug so I could plug in my iPod, also the ground was being run to my cigarette lighter.It looked TERRIBLE. I finally tore my console apart earlier this summer, and worked feverishly for a few weeks trying to get the USB port mounted, and then working on the audio jack. Summer classes began and I had no vent in the middle of my air outlet in my car so the air just blew anywhere it felt like. This killed my wife (not literally) as she tends to be colder then me pretty much all the time.  I finally kicked myself in the butt and realized that I wasn't going to get the USB working until sometime in the future, so I decided to just finish what I had so at least it looked nice.

I present to you the following:

While finishing up the cables from my cd player, I realized i needed some way to connect the two cables, I could use some kind of plug but while looking at my parts I realized I had RJ45 jacks and all I needed was a straight through network cable and I could connect through. To the left is the jack connected to the plug.

Here is the bottom side of the jack where I had to connect it through.

Here is the inside, I have the usb plug put in. I just need to build a charging circuit, and the actual audio jack.

And here is the whole thing connected up one last time before I put it all back together.

 Here it's in and I'm about to finish putting the faceplates back in.

 and finally I have the whole thing put together and running, it sounds good and looks pretty darn nice.
As a note I want to put here in case I ever have to look into this again, I have whiteblue and blue hooked up to the return, the green and whitegreen are the tape in, the brown is the ground, and when I plug the audio from my iPod in it goes to the blue, when it's unplugged the green/whitegreen combo are connected to the whiteblue/blue through the jack. 

If and when I ever build a tiny power supply and get my USB charging circuit going I'll be sure to let you know.

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