Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's been a while, but then again, it's been a rough semester, I've managed to down 15 credits while working between 44 - 48 hours a week at work, not to mention spending time with my wife. 

So today's topic is motivation, what motivates you? In an attempt to keep each other motivated, one of my buddies and I are going to keep each other accountable. We've decided that for every 72 "failed" attempts at something, we are going to donate $1 per attempt to something we both decide on.

First let me define failed attempt. A failed attempt occurs when we say we're going to try to do something, but either don't even bother to get around to it, or we start but never really finish, I.E. start wiring up the circuit board, but then never finish the circuit.

Obviously we are trying to push past the passive barriers, now there are the occasional active barriers, such as not having parts, or the knowledge to perform a specific task, but we want that to have a minimal impact on such thoughts and ideas.

The way I see it, I have roughly 55-60 years in me left max (who knows I might get lucky and make it longer), and frankly I don't want to waste it. If all I do is watch TV all the time, or sit around and do nothing, what benefit does that give me, I'm simply taking up space, and not accomplishing anything, sure I work, and get stuff done that other people want me to, but I want to accomplish things that I want to.

I'm still learning what keeps me motivated, and how to ramp it up. As I learn what it takes me to do it, I'll stop in and keep updating.