Friday, November 20, 2015

Cameras, Tablets, and Remotes Oh My

If you've got a reasonably nice camera, and you've ever gotten professional pictures, you've realized that things can get expensive pretty quick. So you decide to do it yourself, but setting the timer, then running to get in the picture only works so well, plus if you have little ones it makes it about 10x harder. I did some searching and found some really awesome bits and pieces to help things out.

Goal #1 Quit having to run back and forth to start the timer.

Things start to get tricky, you can set everything up and take pictures remotely now, but you don't know if they're turning out, and well, you run into the same problem again, you gotta keep running back and forth.

Goal #2 Quit having to run back and forth to check the picture turned out right.
You'll need a few pieces to get this part working.
1. EyeFi Mobi (If you'd like there is a different version but I haven't used that).
2. SD/SDHC/MMC/Eye-Fi card to Compact Flash CF (Assuming you have a CF card).
3. EyeFi Mobi App (Android) or EyeFi Mobi App (Apple)

So once you install the app, and put the card in, there is an option (at least in the android app) where you can tell it to start a slideshow of incoming photos, so now when you take a picture, it'll transfer the photos within a few moments and you're done.

One final note, when I started saving the pictures to my phone, google plus photos asked me if i wanted to back up the folder, so this means that when I take pictures with my nice camera, all my photos get automatically uploaded to the cloud, no more download to computer, then upload to picasa (well google plus photos now). This is crazy handy.

Finally if you wanted to you could install the tools on your laptop/wifi enable desktop and the pictures will show up there as well, using their tools.

Good luck!

Here is an example video of someone using this with an iPhone

Friday, November 6, 2015

Programming Anywhere: Rudy BBQ

I decided to try out Rudys for breakfast and working. I love their tacos (Red Chile + Sissy Sause = BEST EVAR). Rudys has tons of space, if you're not around during main lunch and dinner crowds you can hang out in the outer area, there is great music playing (little older music so it's kinda fun). And its not distracting. The temp is comfy (well right now in mid October) too! (Inside may be more distracting and a little less awesome).

Pro's: Free Wifi, Great Breakfast Tacos (cheap too), Good music, and most of all not distracting.
Con's: Again you really should buy food, and don't go around busy times.