Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to the Future

Ok so this feels vaguely familiar all over again. I am starting classes as of today. It feels strange and exciting at the same time.

I am currently enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence for Robotics. This class is also known as Programming a robotic car. The more I'm taking the lessons the more excited I am getting about the course.

I went through the first lesson and problem set, we learned how a localization function works. I got a refresher on Bayes rule. I am sure I have a lot of learning to go, but so far I'm really optimistic.

One thing that was tripping me up a lot was figuring out which points were which in my inexact motion calculation. Additionally I was needed to make sure i accounted for Total Probability. In this case I am not going to normalize, I just multiply by all the probabilities at each of the squares as necessary.

Inexact motion is basically a way to assign probabilities to where on a grid you have moved to based on your starting point, and direction. If you overshoot (meaning you should have stopped at grid spot X but you went to gridspot X+1 assuming rightward movement), it's one thing, undershoot is less, and exact is right on.

In the problem set we have a similar inexact motion condition, except in this case it's undershoot or right on. Additionally what i was doing before was moving everything THEN doing the calculation, this was throwing things off.

All in all it's a fun first lesson. Also I have heard there will be an optional hardware component....I am SOOOO excited for that, I love that part of software, when you get to interact with things.


Thursday, June 11, 2015


What is this hash tag? Well I got tired of seeing all these #30under30, or #40under40 clubs that people are a part of. There are plenty of awesome people who are not necessarily part of these communities where they can be nominated and win (assuming it's not just a popularity contest). So here's my idea. I'm going to find 50 people I have met in person that I think are awesome. My ONLY requirement is that I have met them. That is all. I think you guys need to have some recognition. If you're tagged in my #50over20 twitter feeds, (or if you're not on twitter, well that's ok too, we'll mention you somehow). Please send me a short bio and I'll try to talk you up too. (If you don't have my email, it's my twitter unless it's my onaclovtech twitter account, in which case it's tyson @ well you know my domain name.

For those of you reading this thinking. Man I wish I were part of a #50over20 club... YOU CAN BE, just start your own. Tweet things with the hash tag, and just rock it. Recognize people around you that you think are deserving, or well have simply met you that you would like to call out!

Maybe I'll make it on someone's list, but if not, at least I know that there are 50 people I know who deserve to be on someone's list!

I'll be following up with a post of the "winners" :)

Thanks and have fun!