Saturday, July 27, 2013

Latest Projects

I received a Raspberry Pi for fathers day, so I've played around a little with it. So far I've built two projects, and they're located at github.

This is a wrapper to download a mRSS feed and then play it in a random order on your Raspberry Pi

This is a Text to Speech wrapper, that uses google to do the translating, it could really do some improvement, by counting the letters, then splitting on or before the 100th letter (space).

I'm working on using the code from this link:
to try to overlay a news feed of sorts over the OMXrssplayer (wrapper) app I wrote.

I would like to keep working on the pytts, and get a pystt (speech to text), and then have it listen to my voice and do things (kinda like Jarvis from Iron Man :) )

I thought it would be fun to setup a chatbot and then connect all three, so I say something, it relays it to the chatbot, which responds, then it converts that to speech, so it can talk to you!

Anywho if you like it, and want to start building up components that would be cool, let me know, I would love to build it to work with Wolfram Alpha too, but even more I'd like for it to have a learning algorithm so it can be taught, and/or learn. (I like AI, but don't know much about it yet).