Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Syncing Picasa

Anyone here have a Google Picasa account? How about 2? (I'm thinking families here) More?

Sure someone can share an album with you, but if you want to view it, you have to find the link, until google allows shared albums to be visible in your account (and indirectly visible via your Android phone). You'll have to just deal with it.

I got tired of dealing with it, I started working on a project, right now it does a one way "copy" from one account to another, I have plans to finalize the checks that compare the folders (albums) and determine what differences exist, and move photos back and forth to sync them.

My current implementation runs from a python script, and you have to have the Google API's loaded. This is great for those cases where you only need to sync once. However I want to sync say, once a day. Using this locally would require my computer to be running, what if my other family members wanted to sync albums with eachother? Now we have multiple instances.

Eventually I would like to set this up to run on Google's App Engine on a daily or more frequent rate, however oddly enough, their API's are not as clearly available via App engine.

On a positive note, I hadn't really done much programming in Python prior to this project, now I've begun, I don't mind it as bad as I originally had (don't get me started on the whole whitespace thing).

If you're interested in what I'm working on and would like to poke around, follow along, (or maybe help) you're welcome to check out the repository located on GitHub.

I'll keep you updated as I move along with this project.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Introducing Geek Book Club

If you know me personally you probably have heard of "Geek Book Club", basically we are a group of people interested in learning more technical things. Some work in technical jobs where we don't feel like we're learning enough new techniques to really make us valuable, and some don't work in technical jobs but find it interesting. Either way we're all here to learn.

I recently created a repo on GITHUB, so check it out.


Thank you,