Thursday, December 31, 2009

Timed Shot Photos

So my original goal for this project was to take some pictures of the mountains at pre-determined times. I found that this might be useful in other cases as well, so I'm going to be building an enclosure next and allowing maybe a tripod screw mount.

S/W Requirements:
1. Set a period (eventually elsewhere, but for now in code)
2. Turn Camera on
3. Once camera's stabilized take a picture
4. Turn camera off.
5. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Here's some footage.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is a web browser?

In commemoration of my 100th post, I decided to do a video post. Here I give a rough overview of what a web browser is. I'm sure it'll need more work, but hey it's a first and I just put it together with movie maker through windows.

The inspiration for this post was my mom, I was attempting to set her up with Google Voice, and when I was needing to get her to get on the internet she asked me "You mean click aol?". Unfortunately I suspect very strongly that my mom thinks that aol is the internet, and there are alot of people out there that think the same thing. Sit back relax, and hopefully I'm at least somewhat entertaining.

Once you've finished watching let's re-iterate what I'm trying to get across.
1. Web browser's are not the internet.
2. Web browser's are the vehicle that get's you to web pages.
3. You aren't stuck with only one web browser, you can try other ones.
4. Things you want to keep in mind are speed, real estate, following standards, usability, popups, and addon's.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help Joe get an iPod touch

I posted a site, hopefully I can get alot of people to donate a little, and we'll all get Joe an iPod touch.

Thanks anyone that helps out.


Monday, December 7, 2009


Well I finally went about the task of imaging my hard drives.

I decided to use CloneZilla, as I read from lifehacker this would be best as well as a few light searches on the net seemed to refer alot to CloneZilla.

I ran into some problems, there is a USB helper that they recommend, that wouldn't boot my SD and/or my USB thumb drive.

I basically had to use Unetbootin, the nice thing is you can point to the .zip file you download from clonezilla's website and it treats it just like it's an image file and builds everything up for you on your drive.

Once I got that all working there were a couple more things I ran into. I'm assuming that my wifi wasn't going to work with this light "OS" so after a few tries I finally hooked into ethernet.

Once I got past that I found out that it was expecting a folder called partimag on the home directory, so I had to make that folder.

I also ran into problems when trying to specify my samba server, if I just pointed it to my ip address it seemed to have problems, so I actually pointed it to ip\folder, and that worked.

From there it was literally a cake walk.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Google Voice Ideas

I was logging into google voice again, and found myself in a familiar world. I send a text message, and when the person replies it's in my inbox AND my phone. The problem is, I have one of those crappy phones so I have to constantly be deleting messages because I run up to the limit.

Here's my thoughts, if you get a text message in Google Voice AND you're logged in, it gives the text message say 1 minute to sit in the inbox doing nothing, if you immediately respond INSIDE google voice, it doesn't bother sending it to your phone, additionally you could add a "send to phone" option for a text, then it will still send it to your phone in the event you're getting directions and you won't have internet access when you leave your computer.

Well there you are just one more idea.