Thursday, August 19, 2010

My 30 minutes

Ok I spent a little more then 30 minutes working and thinking about projects yesterday, as well as organizing my workspace, so I'll detail a little about what I did.

1. I got my Open Bench Logic Sniffer working, That was a HUGE hurdle, as I really wanted to use it for reading chips on my arcade to see that everything is working as planned.

2. I thought about how I can use my latching hall effect sensors. I wanted to build a gear indicator for my motorcycle, but thought I would need to buy a new set of hall effect sensors because i didn't research the ones I purchased well enough. (There is a lesson here, make sure you research what you're buying, this can save you time and money). For these hall effect sensors I'm going to figure out how much time removal of power will take to reset the sensor, then everytime I see a logic 1, I'll reset the sensor, it's not fancy but I think it'll work.

3. Cleaned up my workspace a little more again, put all my LED's in bins, as well as my resistors, rather then leaving them on the tape reels and baggies.

Also being without internet is rough, I now know I need to download all my datasheets for all my chips, sensors, etc. so when I'm home I can hook things up, not having things like my Quick Reference Guide for programming my PIC16f913 was a real hindrance to progress yesterday, maybe if I have a little time I'll get to play a little more tonight with it.