Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adventures in Prototyping a Board

So I'm working on a reconfigurable programming board for my microcontrollers.  Here is a quick shot of it.

So it's mostly a breadboard in some ways...LOL, but mainly I wanted the ability to have a ICSP connection and I was originally just going to directly connect it underneath to the right pins for the pic 16F913, but decided to just put a header on the other side of the ICSP header and then I can run wire and reconfigure it, as needed. This gives it a little more flexibility, and I don't have to disconnect and try to figure out which wires went where whenever I disconnect the ICSP header from the board.

The benefit to this is now I can program my Pic 16F684, and any other 28 or less pin PIC, I would like to add a power header to the board for additional hookup, but for now this will work I believe, and fortunately I will have the freedom to add to it as needed.

Parts required:
Perf Board from Radio Shack
Headers from Electronics Parts in Albuquerque
IC socket headers from Electronics Parts in Albuquerque
Solder (obviously....hmm wonder if we can come up with a solderless compound....ohhhh I like)

What if you put a lot of conductive material in a superglue form for example, you could "solder" by literally no heat....ok I'm talking crazy. Have a great day.