Friday, July 16, 2010

Setting up my Workspace

I have found that when I have to go to a new computer for work purposes, I have to re-setup a bunch of stuff. I also have scripts that I may have setup that point to drives by letter, maybe not always the best plan, but well I just get used to having things the same way. 

What ways do you achieve having the same desktop stuff setup when you move from computer to computer.

Here are a few of mine:

1. Setting up Shared Drives:

net use /PERSISTENT:yes U: \\drive1\folder
net use /PERSISTENT:yes V: \\drive2\folder
net use /PERSISTENT:yes Y: \\drive3\folder
net use /PERSISTENT:yes Z: \\drive4\folder
2. Registry updates to explorer menu.

3. I make shortcuts and save them on a shared folder on my computer, then just copy them to the desktop if needed.

I have more but they are very specific to where I work so they aren't too applicable to others here. Do you have any other ideas?

Of course these are specific to Windows XP in my case, but heck give me what you have for linux, apple, AND windows.

Caleb says.... Remote Desktop..... <- Good call I forgot about that all together, in my case that doesn't really work as well, but for many this is a great solution.

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