Monday, December 7, 2009


Well I finally went about the task of imaging my hard drives.

I decided to use CloneZilla, as I read from lifehacker this would be best as well as a few light searches on the net seemed to refer alot to CloneZilla.

I ran into some problems, there is a USB helper that they recommend, that wouldn't boot my SD and/or my USB thumb drive.

I basically had to use Unetbootin, the nice thing is you can point to the .zip file you download from clonezilla's website and it treats it just like it's an image file and builds everything up for you on your drive.

Once I got that all working there were a couple more things I ran into. I'm assuming that my wifi wasn't going to work with this light "OS" so after a few tries I finally hooked into ethernet.

Once I got past that I found out that it was expecting a folder called partimag on the home directory, so I had to make that folder.

I also ran into problems when trying to specify my samba server, if I just pointed it to my ip address it seemed to have problems, so I actually pointed it to ip\folder, and that worked.

From there it was literally a cake walk.