Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Microprocessor

Recently we were given a lab in microprocessors that requires us to handle alot of interrupts somewhat simultaneously.

For someone that walks into this lab unprepared it can look like a lot, but for some that's a challenge and for other's that's an active barrier, rather then choosing to be prepared for it, you just walk through and hope for the best.

Reading manuals on the syntax or basic tools to use while programming the microprocessor can be boring, and often time's it's easy to forget about what you just learned.

How do you approach a problem like our latest lab (or any other programming project for that matter)

1. Design --You need to know the "picture" you want to paint with your code.
2. Concepts -- You need to know "how" painting that picture can be accomplished
3. Syntax -- You need to know how to "paint" that picture.
4. Testing -- You need to know how to tell if the picture "looks" like you want it to?

I think those are the 4 most important concepts of programming that really need to be understood.

I'm going to post a series of posts about these particular topics!!

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