Thursday, November 5, 2009

Defining Moment

What's your defining moment?

At what point in your life did you decide, enough talking about doing something and literally start doing it?

What pushed you over that edge?

I feel like many times I talk and talk about doing something but never end up really doing it, which is why in some deep recesses of my heart and mind I started this blog. I got tired of talking about all the stuff I "want to do" and started doing them. Don't get me wrong, I've got along way to go before I feel like I've had that "defining moment".

I've done a few things in my life and when I talk about things I'd like/am doing, I suprise other classmates, they're amazed that I do some of the things I do, but then again I talk to classmates and I'm amazed at the things they're doing, it's because when you get into that "routine" of it's just what you do, you forget how special those qualities are.

Keep pushing yourself to your limits and it'll payoff, everyone's defining moment is different, one man's trash is another's gold. Just because the things you do don't sound interesting to you anymore, or 'special', don't forget that it's someone else's gold.

If you have the opportunity to really connect with people and you can mentor someone else interested in what you're doing, do it by all means, you might be that person that pushes someone just that much closer to a defining moment.

Sometimes I think that my Mountain talks with Phil helped push me over that edge, when I came upon the epiphany of the Guitar Hero Challenge, That's when I realized I can do so much more when I push myself to that limit, and I'm fully capable of it too, I just have to realize that excuses are what sometimes consumes us. Being able to understand the difference between an active and passive barriar and how to hurdle it is the biggest part in learning who you are.

Good luck finding that defining moment, and I encourage you to keep pushing on towards it, you may one day look back and realize that your moment occurred and you didn't even notice it.

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