Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Knowledge Based AI:Cognitive Systems Udacity Custom Curriculum

I love Udacity for the ability to have a free set of lectures/learning etc online, with forums etc. However one thing that annoys me is that sometimes having an assignment really solidifies learning, so I would like to remedy that.

When going through the Knowledge Based AI:Cognitive Systems lectures, it has a reference link to a pdf to read for supplemental reading, I went through the links and found this site:


I haven't gone too far down the road of finding what is up with it, but perhaps some options are in there, or we can find other "open" assignments online that are available. Or create our own, for folks NOT in the GA-Tech program or even the ones in it, looking for additional projects to learn from.

Just something to consider and I'll probably post some additional ones here.

(Book reference, minus the blah.pdf reference, can be found here:

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