Friday, October 30, 2015

Programming Anywhere: Chows Asian Bistro

In continuing to find good places to work, I have found Chows Asian Bistro to be great. If you are in on the weekend nights, you get treated to live piano music, which is just AMAZING. They seemed receptive to my working from there, I suppose if more people showed up to work (but also bought food) they wouldn't complain. It's the folks who show up order a tea and hold seats for hours, don't be one of those. Some of the seating is in the right spots that it's easy to not get distracted when working. Aim for one of those seats.

Pro's: Great Music, friendly folks AMAZING food (well it's my favorite Asian food in Albuquerque, probably the world).
Con's: You really should support the business and not just take up space. No Wifi (That I found)

Stay Tuned I'll be talking about Rudys BBQ next week