Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Movies Oh My

I've been a busy boy.

In my quest to generate a boatload of Angular Services (for, dont hate the site it is terrible, if you want to help build it let me know!).

I wrote up another library but this time for my movies.

The cool thing here is I built a rottentomatoes.js angular service for it.

I got it all nice looking and then discovered omdbapi and guess what? now we have one for that too.

You can substitute them and get your data.

Now the bad news. (but potentially good news).

The JSON returned is different between the two. So something I'm thinking about that would be really slick is if we could essentially take the format from each and push the data to a title,picture,etc variables, then we simply return our search and it contains an object with the appropriate fields in a standard location. I think this would be huge for ALL of my Angular Services to basically build a JSON format that will be consistent, and the service will manage converting.

If you're interested in helping out with coming up with standards for this I would love it. If you're interested in helping build angularjsservices to what it SHOULD be, I would love that.

In the mean time I'm building building building.

Join me and build an angular service too? (trust me they're surprisingly easy, and they make using angular even more fun)

I'm using Firebase to store off the data just like my book library. Firebase sure is handy.

While playing with this I realized something....I can control my roku with a webpage and I don't need chrome's special stuff (that the chromecast is using) I can just use a local nodejs server and firebase and host my site anywhere. I will be working on that next. Can you figure out how to do it? I think I've given some good hints :)

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