Saturday, January 4, 2014

Xbox Kinect, google glass

What if we took an Xbox Kinect, scanned an entire room then we proceeded to design the room in a 3d modeling system where the wall hangings, furniture, etc are already integrated. when the time comes to implement, you put your glasses on you look at the wall and you see the holes and you proceed to drill holes or hammer in the nails.

Moving furniture into place is as easy as looking down, and adjusting to match what you see in your glasses. I think the Kinect will have to be involved in some way to match your orientation to the room and head position etc cetera.

What if we incorporated blue prints into this design builders could see the wall that will be built and see where wires will go as well as where things will go eventually.  homeowners even might know where power lines are for safe drilling if the blueprints are made available.

I really want Google glass to provide true value and actually be an extension of ourselves not a pure consumption device. What ideas do you have that glass what allow you to produce things easier and consume less. And by consume and produce I mean providing real true value to other human beings not shallow status updates.

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