Friday, December 24, 2010


Right now I am watching Youtube on a Google TV. I see some things that should very much be fixed. Frankly the video should be larger,the page itself takes up a ton of space, and the suggestions, those should be a side bar pop-in, same with comments.

Here's a quick screenshot:
and it looks almost exactly like this on the tv, and if all I was doing was websurfing, this wouldn't be a problem, but since I'm wanting to watch video on GoogleTv, I don't want to see this, I'm hoping google will come out with a youtube app that cleans this interface up.

Things like centering the video, and allowing a translucent slide in from the right with a set of suggestions for additional videos. And finally the comments should slide in from the bottom, just a small bar not distracting.

Interestingly enough. Why is it ok to have an interface like this on a regular computer, but when we get to hand held device, or something small, we want a cleaner and simpler interface, the question is, is this how interfaces should look on computers? I mean google got it right when they designed a really simple and clean interface for searching. Google taught us that screen real estate is valuable and as a company they wanted to make sure it was worth it. When it comes to TV, the same holds true.

On second thought why do websites even have search bars anymore? I mean why not push it back on the browsers to simply allow a search function that searches whatever is on the current domains content. If I can find a way to create apps for GoogleTv I think any media sites should be the first targeted, either that or create a "tv." version much like mobile contents. This comes back to the whole idea of content vs formatting separation. Why not just put a bunch of websites together and say "heading" and "video" and then the device that get's it can format it how it likes....wouldn't that be sweet? Well I hope you've managed to follow the off the wall insanity that my posts seem to like to follow. If you have Google TV, what do you like, or not like about it?