Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ECE 344: Microprocessors

Microprocessors 9/17
The example below takes a list of 1000 numbers generated from a random number generator from 0-10,000, then in groups of 0-999, 1000,-1999, 2000....
Microprocessors 9/24
Things to remember:
a 1 written to the offset of 4 to the memory location of the LED's tells the DDR it's in "input mode" a 0 written tells it its in output mode.
Microprocessors 9/28
In class today we reviewed the LED problem from last class, then we moved on to rs232 programming.
Microprocessors 10/1-10/7
Here are the in class examples that we've covered in class since the 28th
How to Microprocessor
For someone that walks into this lab unprepared it can look like a lot, but for some that's a challenge and for other's that's an active barrier, rather then choosing to be prepared for it, you just walk through and hope for the best.
Design and Programming..a Love affair
If you design your project well, looking at all possibilities up front without coding a single thing you can catch some problems up front that you may run into. One of those may cause messy or unneeded code! That's again the beauty of the artist they can choose whether they want to keep repainting the exact same thing or really go out there and paint something new!
Concepts, the Leonardo of Programming
If you don't understand "what" you're trying to do, it's going to be very difficult to write code and/or tests for it.
Syntax doesn't require a whole lot of explaining. Mainly get a good source of information that you can understand
In comes typical troubleshooting without a debugger, normally you stick some print statements in there and wait for the print fest to begin.