Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IT lockdown

IT lockdown at school got you down?

Check out the below link

I'm using notepad++ rather then notepad and vim!!!

Also I installed Firefox, winmerge and putty.

So why the collection of files?

Working out of my pendrive and compiling and doing other work is rather slow and doesn't work well in these labs.

Using WinMerge makes sure that and changes I make to the local copy can be verified and merged into the ones on my pen drive (So what I like to keep my old files)

Using Notepad++ is just nicer then using regular old notepad, and well you cant actually install notepad++ on the local machines so this gets around it.

Of course firefox, because I'm not an IE fan at all

and putty incase I have my server at home on and i want to SSH into it (not sure if SSH is blocked on these machines yet.

I can't even us the windows key and R to run the calculator... it just says that that has been locked down, want to know what day it will be on the 24th of december, no such luck looking at the calendar is locked down as well....terrible!!!

I'll update this post as I come up with more "workarounds" for this lab,