Friday, July 10, 2009

Live Android CD

I'm working on learning the java language so I can develop apps for the G1, so far I have only managed to run the hello world, from a tutorial (not much time for learning the java language yet), so far its an interesting project. I hope to build some posts around what I learn.

I came across the below link talking about some users of the Google Code Community porting a version of the Android OS to a Live CD that you can run to on your desktop.

It looks quite interesting and I'm going to give it a try, now it looks like there are 3 options for downloading,
1. Torrent
2. 2 Part ISO (Not sure how that works)
3. 3 Part Rar file.

(download page link: download)

I'm probably going to give the torrent one a whirl and I'll give it a review in the near future.

Check out the main site link here:
Live Android