Monday, July 6, 2009

Laptop Mouse Button

I was having problems with my left mouse button on my laptop, it seemed to start going not long after I got it, well last December I finally got tired of it, and began searching for a replacement button, that was harder then it sounded, I couldn't find it anywhere. I had taken the touchpad out and looked at the buttons and did a search on Mouser for switches, I searched until I found this switch:
P/N 101-TS4522T2602

When I finally got it it looked like it might not be right, well finally i was SO fed up with my button that I finally took my laptop apart and got hacking, it was pretty easy, I verified how the switch was setup, I then just desoldered the button, and soldered the new one on, it worked like a charm,

It appears to be the perfect replacement.

My secondary mouse button is iffy and I may have to replace it, so I will post a how to take apart guide and what to do.

Good luck to those that still have Dell Inspiron 2200's, take a look at the switch (if you can get the pad out), and verify that it looks like the one I linked to, this might work for more then just the 2200's (I suspect my wife's 1200 has the same switch

I hope this helps anyone out there that might need to fix their button but can't seem to find information about the button.