Saturday, June 6, 2009

Server Part II

Continuing from our previous post: Server Part 1
1. Download and burn Discs
2. Setup Harddrives

Ok time to get started...

1. Download and burn an ISO of the Server Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition

2. I was having some problems installing so I decided that rather then chance losing data, I unplugged all the hard drives on my server leaving ONLY the HDD that I intend to install the software on.

3. Boot to the ISO burned in step 1.

4. Follow the prompts, I was fine with letting the disk setup the entire thing, just select the defaults (If you have different preferences make the changes as needed).

5. When you reach the point where you choose what kind of server you want I selected Samba Server.

6. Once it's done try rebooting (without the Server Install disk in the cdrom drive) and see if it comes up, if it does, great, continue on then.

7. Shutdown your system.

8. Plug your hard drives in and try booting, if it comes up you've just had an even Greater Success, you don't have to do anything with your bios (from my perspective), and you can just wait until the next post in the series. Otherwise if you get a Grub error 21 like mine continue to the next step

9. If you have problems like I did, you need to get into bios and rearrange the boot order of the drives, what you'll find is that the boot loader (Grub), will be loaded on the drive (In my case it was /dev/sdc), but when the computer trys to boot it trys to boot to /dev/sda which doesn't have a bootloader, so by moving the disk boot order it can find it and you'll get a successful boot.

10. Next up we'll be installing all the software that we need to setup a LAMP
server as well as our Samba Server, and some things that you need in order to update your server from your laptop in the living room....SSH!!!

Good luck and let me know how it works out. If you have any problems go ahead and post and I'll try to see if I can help!

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