Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Circuit Analysis II Lecture 7

Disclaimer: This series of posts is to serve as notes for myself as well as any others interested in the subject of Circuit Analysis II. This is the course ECE 213 at UNM.
The course will follow the book:
Electric Circuits (8th Edition)

The links on the right, will contain all the links to this course's lecture notes.

In class we did 2 practice problems.
Problem # 1 was a circuit with a voltage source, resistor and capacitor in series, and an inductor in parallel with the capacitor.

The values are as follows:
Source = 30v
Resistor = 800 ohms
Capacitor = 6.25 uF
Inductor = 2.5H

1. We convert to s-domain
2. We find a node voltage equation
3. We solve for the node
(there happens to be only one node so we only need to solve for the one node).

Then it's Solved!

Next we worked on problem 13.42

1. Convert to s-domain
2. Get node voltage equations
3. Make v2 in both equations the same
(simply multiply both equations by the coefficient)
4. Add the equations and get one equation.
5. Multiply thorough all the parts, and then combine like items,

We end with the correct answer (can be found in the back of the book)

Don't forget we have a quiz tommorrow (June 25th, 2009)

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