Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Command Prompt

I frequently find myself needing access to the command prompt when I'm inside a folder, one of the ways I do that is:
1. Click start
2. Click Run (or alternately to get to this Windows Key +R)
3. Type cmd
4. Then Type cd
5. Then drag the folder of the location I want into this window
6. Hit enter (ok so not literally, I didn't hit it)
Today, I'm going to introduce how to use the right click menu to make life easier for those (in windows) to be able to jump to command line pretty easily,

1. Open an explorer window, this can be accomplished by either pressing "Windows key + E" or just opening a folder.
2. Select Tools Folder Options,
3. Click the Tab File Types
4. Select Folder
5. Select Advanced
6. Select New
7. For Action name, Just name it something you'll remember like "command prompt"
8. For the application used to perform this action enter cmd.exe /K cd %1
9. Select Ok's to exit.
10. Try it out, now go to a folder and right click on it and select whatever you named your action.

Time to explain what I had you put in the application used to perform.
cmd.exe opens your command prompt, /K means "run the following" and the following is cd %1, cd means change directory, and %1 means what was passed to the command in this case the folder location (I.E. c:\New Folder).

I hope this helps some people out there, let me know how it works for those of you who try it!!!

Thank you for reading my first "real" post.